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Application of laser coding in the dairy industries
Sourcing:LEAD    Time:2014-08-05

1. Dairy products are divided into milk powder, liquid milk, yogurt at   low temperature, ice cream, popsicle, cheese etc.The package is  mainly made of kraft-plastic compound film, such as Tetra pak, Gable top carton GT,diamond-shape package, Combibloe, Tetra pak  tank etc, also made of aluminum compound packing film, such as   bags of milk powder, sleeve film of yogurt cups, sleeve film of yogurt ice cream at low temperature, plastic laminated films for Prepak of liquid milk,popsicle bags etc.All of those packages are multi-layer composite material,range from 2~7 layers.Any layer can   not be destroyed,or milk quality and shelf life will be damaged.It’s   a big trouble of printing the production date,batch number, logistics  traceability code in those packages:
1) The problem of inkjet printer or thermal transfer is: there is
harmful chemicals in the ink,easy to attach and volatilize,causing bad    affection to the food safety.That is why it has not been confirmed by    Nation’s Food Safety Department. Also the code by ink is easy to
destroyed by acid, alkali solvent, high and lower temperature, high
humidity, thus losing the ink and hard to attach tightly. There will be    much damage of economy and reputation to the customer and
manufacturer if bad traders rub the production date, batch number,      logistics traceability code at the pretending, fleeing and out of date
goods and print the false information;
2) The working theory of usual laser device is hot working engraving,which will damage the material of multi-layer compound packaging,      make the air and microbes into the package of milk, cause the products corrupting, affect the product quality, bring dust pollution during the coding. Laser marker can not be applied in the dairy industry if you don’t solve the two problems. Even some factories don’t understand the situation, purchasing usual laser equipment,thus spending too much money.
1. To solve those problems,Wuhan Lead Laser developed a new laser coding technology:Composite Membrane Packaging Material Flying Laser Subsurface Engraving & Surface Marking Machine, which adopts special laser through transparent film or UV layer of multi-layer composite material in the below of the membrane layer,with good anti-counterfeitingresult. Coding process, no powder, no smoke, no peculiar smelling, no  pollution.The marking content can not be damaged by acid, alkali solvent,high and lower temperature, environmental friendly, faster speed.It can   realize flying coding at the 0-150M/MIN production line and 8-32 characters at 10000-40000PCS/H, coding content can be qr code, PIATS,which solve the big problems of marker technology in the the diary industries
2. Bottles shoulder and cap of Tetra Pak cans, yogurt, ice cream and  other low-temperature drinks cup are made of white plastic.There will bebad insensitive reaction to this material, no anti-color,which can’t achievethe role of an effective marker if adopting CO2 laser. Anti-color technology of Wuhan Lead Laser can mark production date, batch number, traceability codes on the white black packaging materials.The marking content can not be damaged by acid, alkali solvent,high and lower temperature,environmental friendly.
3. Fiber laser coding machine or our innovative laser marking technology can be applied at the tinplate cover or body of canned milk powder .

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